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Small Business Retirement Plans

Choosing the Correct Retirement Plan

Choosing the correct type of retirement plan to offer your employees depends on what you want to accomplish as the business owner, such as:

- Attracting and retaining top talent

- Creating a tax-deductible benefit

- Preparing for retirement

From a SIMPLE IRA to a 401(k), each plan accomplishes different objectives.  

We take our business owner's through each plan available to them in order to help them choose what to offer their employees.

Reducing the Cost of the Plan Without Sacrificing Quality

Controlling costs is critical to running an efficient and successful business.  The same is true for investing.  Reducing investment fees can increase returns.  A retirement plan incurs fees from three different sources:  

- Administration of the plan

- Cost of funds offered

- Advisory services

We assist in reducing these costs by introducing you to qualified third party administrators, helping you select a variety of quality low-cost funds, and making sure you receive the highest quality advisory services

Constant and Effective Communication

As part of our services, we make an annual visit to your company to:

- Meet with management and review the overall retirement plan

- Educate employees on basic investing principles

- Improve employee participation

- Review account performance

- Discuss general market and economic conditions

- Answer questions and meet one-on-one with employees.

Aside from our annual visit we encourage employees to call us or schedule appointments with any questions they may have.

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The complimentary consultation is YOUR time to interview us to determine whether or not we make a good fit.  We encourage any and all questions about our philosophy, process, and anything else on your mind and we will be honest, open, and candid in our responses.