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Our Process

Complimentary Consultation

The complimentary consultation is YOUR time to interview us to determine whether or not we make a good fit. 

We encourage any and all questions about our philosophy, process, and anything else on your mind and we will be honest, open, and candid in our responses.

Feel free to bring your financial documents such as your most recent tax return, investment and social security statements for us to identify any potential problems or opportunities.

Creation and Presentation of your Financial Plan

If you decide to move ahead with our services, the first step is to create a comprehensive financial plan.  

Your financial plan will provide an analysis, projection, and specific recommendations on:

- Cash flow planning

- Risk management through insurance

- Investment strategy and portfolio construction

- Multi-scenario retirement planning

- Tax-efficiency reviews

- Estate planning

Becoming a Wealth Management Client

Once the plan is created and presented you will have the option to carry out the plan on your own or hire us to carry out the financial plan and manage your investments as your Financial Planner.

Each client’s situation and financial plan is unique.  We will meet with you face-to-face every six months to review and update the plan, ensure you are still on target for your goals, address any material changes in your life that may affect your financial plan, review your investment account performance and rebalance your accounts as needed, discuss current economic and market conditions, and educate you on a specific financial planning topic.

Through these six-month reviews, you'll have the peace of mind knowing you are on track to reaching your financial goals.

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